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2024 - 04 - 26

Machine Virtuelle VM

The evolution of digital work has led to major innovations in IT infrastructure, notably with the emergence of virtual desktops (VWs) and virtual desktops (VDIs). . While similar in appearance, VW and VDI have distinct features and applications that meet different business needs. This article aims to clarify these differences and guide you to the best choice for your needs.

Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization is a technology that allows you to create multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single physical system. Companies are moving towards virtualization to improve the efficiency, security and flexibility of their IT operations without requiring the purchase of additional hardware.

What is a Virtual Desktop (VW) ?

A virtual workstation (Virtual Workstation - VW) is a virtualization solution that offers each user a dedicated virtual machine. These machines are equipped with their own processor, memory, network interfaces and storage space. Users can access these virtual desktops via a secure VPN connection, with single sign-on, regardless of their geographic location.

Benefits of the VW

  • Customization and isolation: Each VW can be customized according to the specific needs of the user, which includes the installation of specific applications and the allocation of dedicated resources. In addition, each VW is isolated from the others, thus minimizing the risk of interference.
  • Increased safety: The isolation of the VW protects the company’s general system against individual errors or negligence.

What is a Virtual Desktop (VDI)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) operates on a model where multiple virtual desktops share computing resources on a central server (VD Server). Unlike the VW, where each virtual workstation is isolated, the VDI allows centralized and pooled management of resources.

Benefits of the VDI

  • Economy of scale: VDI reduces the need for physical hardware and optimizes resources, reducing overall costs.
  • Simplified management: Centralizing virtual desktops makes administration and maintenance easier, especially when adding new users or installing updates.

Choice between VW and VDI: What criteria?

The choice between VW and VDI depends on several factors:

  • Specific User Needs: If high and customized performance is required, VW is preferred. For standardized requirements and simplified management, VDI is ideal.
  • Security: VW offers more robust security by its isolation, while VDI requires rigorous security measures at the server level.
  • Cost: VDI can be more economical on a large scale, but VW can offer a better return on investment for specific needs and high performance.

Why choose virtual machine experts like UNIVIRTUAL?

Choosing experts to manage your virtualization solutions has several advantages. UNIVIRTUAL professionals have extensive expertise not only in the implementation of VW and VDI, but also in their maintenance and continuous optimization.

The services offered by UNIVIRTUAL

  • Personalized advice: Adaptation of VW and VDI solutions to the specific needs of your company.
  • Technical support: Fast and efficient support for any questions or technical problems related to your virtual machines.
  • Proactive maintenance: Regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure the proper functioning and security of your virtual systems.

By choosing UNIVIRTUAL, you benefit from the expertise of specialized advisors who will guide you in the configuration of your virtual infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and secure integration.

To learn more about our virtual machine offerings and get a personalized consultation, visit our website and find out how we can transform your work environment with VW and VDI solutions tailored to your needs.

In conclusion, whether you choose a VW or a VDI, the important thing is to understand your specific needs and consult experts. Contact our specialized teams to ensure that your virtual infrastructure is efficient, secure and economically viable.

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