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Facilitate continuous deployment and automate your processes using DevOps to increase your productivity and increase your agility

DevOps infrastructure solutions

Automate and make the deployment of your IT developments more reliable thanks to DevOps. DevOps services improve your development teams' ability to meet new business requirements by accelerating the delivery of new custom programs and applications, as well as updates to existing ones. The UNIVIRTUAL teams offer you infrastructures dedicated to DevOps that can be deployed in all companies with continuous integration development needs with optimized and tailor-made pipelines to accelerate deployment, secure the code and shorten delivery times. We help you develop and deliver faster thanks to the automated CI/CD deployment of your applications and their migrations to Docker/Kubernetes.

DevOps promotes agility, collaboration, and automation, resulting in faster deployments, better code quality, increased reliability, and reduced costs for businesses.

With UNIVIRTUAL, accelerate your deployment frequency and benefit from a modern and scalable architecture for managing your containers

UNIVIRTUAL, European leader in the field of digital transformation and cloud infrastructure for 25 years, supports you in setting up your DevOps infrastructure and therefore in installing the suite of environments GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes, the pillars fundamentals of DevOps. You will be able to quickly set up an automated development and deployment environment, promoting the speed of execution of your projects. Thanks to our DevOps approach and the use of agile methods, you will be able to significantly reduce your "time to market" by automating your deployment processes and adopting an "Infrastructure as Code" approach. With GitLab's continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD), a complete and integrated source code management platform, you can quickly iterate on your applications, test new features and deploy them to production with complete confidence.

We will take care of installing your managed GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes environment and hosting them in our secure data centers.

DevOps solutions with GitLab, Docker and Kubernetes

Whether you opt for a full k8s (Kubernetes) installation or a lightweight version with Docker, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs and budgets. The Kubernetes architecture will allow you to efficiently manage your applications in production environments, ensuring high availability, transparent scalability and simplified resource management. We also provide configuration and optimization services for GitLab CI/CD pipelines, using GitLab runners to automate the execution of jobs and tests. Thanks to the tight integration between GitLab CI/CD and Kubernetes, you will be able to deploy your applications smoothly and efficiently, taking full advantage of the orchestration capabilities of Kubernetes.

DevOps Infrastructure 100% automatizede

Our advanced expertise in DevOps guarantees you a 100% automated infrastructure with optimized pipelines including the latest generation technologies.

UNIVIRTUAL provides you with your high-quality Plug & Play DevOps infrastructure.


  • DevOps Infrastructure Kubernetes

    Combination of key DevOps technologies, Docker and GitLab, combined with the power of Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform, ensuring exceptional operational efficiency.

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  • DevOps Infrastructure GitLab

    Docker and GitLab integration for an advanced approach to implementing DevOps, providing complete software project lifecycle management, maximum isolation and portability.

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DevOps brings together different practices that make it possible to automate processes between development teams and those responsible for the operational maintenance of developed applications. Using these practices, it is possible to accelerate and improve the delivery of applications by facilitating their development, testing and deployment.

devops process

DevOps process UNIVIRTUAL

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  • Improve collaboration between development and operations teams

    DevOps promotes collaboration between development and operations teams. By encouraging transparent communication and constant exchange of information, it helps align goals and resolve issues faster.

  • Accelerate deployments

    Through process automation and continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), DevOps enables more frequent and rapid deployments of applications. This allows you to iterate faster and make new features available to users more quickly.

  • Reduce Time-to-Market

    DevOps makes it possible to drastically reduce the arrival time of a functionality (Time-To-Market) on the market, that is to say the time between the moment of decision to create a project and its deployment in production.

  • Ensure the reliability and stability of your applications

    DevOps focuses on automating testing and deployment processes, thereby reducing human errors and configuration-related issues. This leads to greater reliability and stability of applications in production.

  • Improve code quality

    DevOps practices, such as continuous integration, encourage an iterative approach to software development. This allows for faster feedback on the code, thus promoting continuous improvement of its quality.

  • Manage incidents proactively and effectively

    DevOps promotes a proactive approach to incident management. By continuously monitoring performance and metrics, DevOps teams can detect issues early and remediate them before they impact end users.

  • Improve scalability

    By using containerization and orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, DevOps makes it easier to deploy and manage infrastructure at scale. It allows applications to easily adapt to fluctuations in demand.

  • Automate backups

    All our offers include our Falcon Recovery solution which performs regular and automatic backups of your data.

  • Reduce your costs

    Automating repetitive tasks and implementing infrastructure as code helps reduce operational costs and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks.


  • 25 years of experience

    in the field of new technologies and the cloud

  • An external and objective view

    on your DevOps infrastructure

  • Teams of specialized experts

    in the field of Devops infrastructure

  • Innovative technologies

    integrating the latest DevOps innovations

  • Support from A to Z

    to configure your continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) processes

  • Price-Performance-Safety

    Best report

‘‘Automation: a system that simplifies work so much that we will end up needing an electronic brain to twiddle our thumbs.’’


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