Secure access to your business with our connected professional videophone solutions

Professional connected videophone solutions

Monitor the entrance to your business premises and manage access from anywhere in the world with our Shield Security video solutions. Our teams from UNIVIRTUAL offer you video intercom solutions allowing you to view the identity of your visitors through the camera installed on the video doorman. You will receive access requests via a single application specially designed for our video telephony solutions accessible from any physical machine (workstation, tablet or smartphone) connected to the internet in a secure and encrypted manner by VPN. All your access data is stored on your Cloud security center connected to your sites by secure private VPNs common to all our solutions.

Secure your business with our professional video intercoms and maintain full control over access, wherever you are in the world.

With UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security, effectively protect your business with video intercom

UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security video intercom

UNIVIRTUAL, European leader in the field of virtualization and cloud infrastructure for 25 years, puts its expertise, services and latest product innovations at your disposal to protect access to your business. UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security's high-end video intercom solutions facilitate communications between visitors, the company and control centers where applicable. Our versatile ranges of connected video intercom solutions are offered with multiple secure IP and Wi-Fi protocols, for small businesses and large groups. The open, standard SIP protocol facilitates integration with third-party software. The administration interface of our videophones is available on a workstation (PC, MAC, LINUX) or on a dedicated and intuitive mobile application (tablet, smartphone). This allows you to respond, wherever you are, to visitors requesting access via your videophone connected to your business. You can easily integrate our video surveillance and alarm solutions with our video door phones to strengthen the security of your business.

Connect, communicate and secure: UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security, your trusted partner for protected access to your business thanks to video intercom.


UNIVIRTUAL Shield intelligent, connected enterprise high-end security solutions

UNIVIRTUAL SHIELD SECURITY provides you with high-end, connected and intelligent solutions..

We therefore offer you IP (Internet Protocol) video intercoms operating via connection to the internet network and equipped with an external camera to allow you to control the identity of visitors.

The camera of our video intercoms will be positioned at the entrance to the strategic areas of your infrastructure that you wish to secure. When a visitor requests access, you receive a video call on a dedicated web and mobile application, accessible from any physical workstation (computer, laptop), tablet or smartphone. You will decide whether or not to allow access to your business directly through the application, wherever you are.

The security of your data being a priority for us, our videophones are all connected to dedicated clouds. The security center and all data are backed up automatically and regularly in 3 different locations thanks to our Falcon Recovery technology.

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  • Effectively protect your establishment

    Protect your employees, your property and merchandise by limiting access to authorized people only.

  • Secure your staff

    By regulating access to your business, you reduce the risk of intrusion and violence towards staff, thus improving the feeling of security at work.

  • Avoid acts of vandalism and intrusions

    The visibility of a security system will deter unauthorized intrusion attempts.

  • Limit access

    Limit access to some of your employees or visitors by locking dangerous or sensitive areas.

  • IP

    Digital IP connection

    Enjoy exceptional picture clarity and crystal-clear audio during video phone calls with your visitors.

  • Control your security systems remotely

    The administration interface accessible by VPN on the web or mobile application allows you to manage remote access.

  • Backup and recovery system included

    All our virtual security centers and their data are backed up automatically and regularly on 3 different locations thanks to our Falcon Recovery technology, your security center can be restored in just a few minutes.

  • Take advantage of our 24/7 hardware & software monitoring

    Our technical teams can intervene 24/7 in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Our connected video door phone solutions can be combined with other security systems such as access control and video surveillance to strengthen the overall security of your establishment

  • Access control

    Corporate access control solutions to limitate access to your premises through connected biometric identification and authentication systems, badges, codes.

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  • Surveillance camera

    Connected video surveillance solutions based on the latest technologies and cutting-edge surveillance cameras with facial and behavioral recognition.

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  • 25 years of experience

    in enterprise security

  • Tailor-made solutions

    adapted to the specific needs of each client

  • Teams of specialized experts

    highly qualified in the field of video telephony

  • Solutions compatible with Onvif and CGI protocols

    to facilitate integration with possible third-party software

  • Compatibility of our solutions

    security between them

  • Price-performance-safety

    Best report

‘‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’’

Benjamin Franklin

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