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Benefit from a powerful brand image and a distinctive identity that reflects your values thanks to effective branding

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Your brand image is the very essence of your business. It defines who you are, what you do and why people should trust you. It is therefore crucial to build a strong and coherent brand identity to attract and retain customers. UNIVIRTUAL teams can define your brand positioning and create an effective brand identity consistent with your values. Make your brand a symbol of quality and trust thanks to our expertise in Branding. Highlight your company's expertise and strengths in order to stand out from your competitors, attract new customers and retain your current customers who share the same values.

Transform your brand identity into a major asset for your business

With UNIVIRTUAL, take advantage of our expertise in Branding Management to strengthen the impact of your brand identity

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UNIVIRTUAL, European leader in the field of digital transformation and cloud infrastructure for 25 years, puts its expertise at your disposal with the aim of strengthening your brand image. We will start by defining the fundamentals of your brand, such as its positioning and identity, to define the current state of your brand, its history and what makes it unique to its users. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can define a brand strategy adapted to your company to create a strong and positive image for your company. We will work in collaboration with you to define (or redefine) your target and your positioning with the aim of creating a visual and editorial universe that reflects the identity of your company. We help you strengthen your customer relationships and make yourself known effectively by communicating transparently about your values and practices to highlight your authenticity.

A strong brand image is the key to being seen and recognized. You will leave a memorable and lasting imprint in the minds of your audience.


Branding is a crucial process for achieving a distinctive corporate identity to stand out and succeed. Branding goes well beyond a simple logo or color palette. It brings together the essence, values and personality of your company, creating a memorable connection with your customers. Calling on a competent digital agency for image advice can make all the difference. The expertise of branding professionals offers an outside perspective and in-depth experience in creating visual identities and impactful messages. Here is why this approach is crucial:

  • Creating a strong identity: Your brand is more than just a logo. An agency will craft a coherent visual identity, including logo, typography, colors and graphic elements, which reflects the very essence of your business.

  • Consistency across channels: An agency will ensure that your brand identity is consistent across all media, whether it's your website, social media, printed materials or packaging. This builds brand recognition and credibility.

  • Understanding the target audience: Marketing agencies are experienced in market and competitive analysis. They can help you better understand your target audience and adapt your branding to create deeper resonance.

  • Competitive Differentiation: Teams of branding professionals will help you identify what makes your business unique and communicate it effectively to help you stand out.

  • Scalability and sustainability: Your branding must have a long-term reach. Specialized experts can craft an identity that will stand the test of time while remaining flexible to adapt to market changes.

  • Saves time and effort: Collaborating with branding experts frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your brand is in good hands.

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In summary

Investing in branding and benefiting from expert image advice is a strategic step for any business wishing to prosper. This goes well beyond the visual aspect; it’s a story you tell the world. UNIVIRTUAL can help you make it captivating, authentic and memorable.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams of branding experts to learn more about your brand identity creation.



  • Benefit from a strong and distinctive Identity

    Effective branding creates a distinctive visual identity for your business, including a recognizable logo, colors and graphic elements. This helps your business stand out in a competitive market.

  • Build your brand awareness

    Consistent and memorable branding helps increase awareness of your business. Consumers are more likely to remember and recognize a brand with a strong visual identity.

  • Build your credibility and trust

    A strong brand identity builds credibility and consumer trust. A company that takes care of its brand image is perceived as professional and trustworthy.

  • Create an emotional attachment

    Well-designed branding can establish an emotional connection with your audience. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand that evokes positive emotions and aligns with their values.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

    In a saturated market, branding allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. A strong identity helps communicate what makes your business unique and attractive to consumers.

  • Develop your attractiveness

    When you have a strong brand image, it is easier to launch new products or services under the same banner. Existing customers are more likely to try new offerings from a brand they know and trust.

  • Make your brand recognition easier

    Well-established branding allows customers to quickly recognize your products or services, even in different contexts. This makes it easier for them to make a purchasing decision.

  • Talk about quality

    A careful brand image is associated with quality. Customers are more likely to choose a brand that projects an image of quality and reliability.



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‘‘The opportunity to leave a mark in people’s minds is the very essence of Branding.’’

Steve Jobs


Your business is unique, let’s analyze your digitalization possibilities together. Contact our advisors to learn more about the possibility of branding & developing your brand identity.