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Maximize your performance and secure your online presence with our exclusive complex website analysis and audit offer.

SEO audit

Your online presence is much more than a showcase, it is a crucial tool for your success. UNIVIRTUAL's website audit offering is specifically designed for the analysis of complex websites with the aim of elevating your site to the peak of performance and security. Our teams of experts, with several years of experience, specialize in the management and optimization of websites with advanced structures and functionalities. Whether your site integrates sophisticated e-commerce systems, interactive customer portals, or rich multimedia features, we have the skills and tools necessary to dissect every aspect. Our experts carry out a complete diagnosis, covering all the essential aspects of your site: technical, security, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and natural referencing (SEO). We highlight the strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities to transform your website into a platform that is not only attractive, but also highly functional, secure, and dominant in search results.

Our advanced analysis & audit offer reveals the full potential of your online presence. Transform your website into a lever for success!

With UNIVIRTUAL, benefit from in-depth website audit expertise and a personalized approach to complex challenges

Website analysis

UNIVIRTUAL, European leader in the field of digital transformation and cloud infrastructure for 25 years, puts its advanced expertise in the analysis and audit of websites at your disposal. We use proven methodologies and advanced tools to thoroughly examine your website. We work with your teams to understand your site's goals and perform a comprehensive analysis, which includes:

  • Advanced Technical Audit: to identify and resolve performance, compatibility, and accessibility issues, adapted to the requirements of complex sites.

  • Reinforced Security Audit: to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen protection against cyber threats.

  • Detailed UX/UI audit: to guarantee smooth and intuitive navigation, essential for websites rich in content and functionality.

  • Strategic SEO Audit: to optimize your visibility and improve your positioning in search results in a competitive online environment.

Reveal the power of your website and unlock unexplored opportunities to achieve an impactful online presence. Our Expertise, Your Advantage


  • Making contact and defining objectives

    We start with a thorough understanding of your specific needs related to the complexity of your website. Together, we determine the specific objectives of the audit and the unique aspects to examine for a high complexity site.

  • Detailed technical analysis

    Our experts dive into the details of your site's architecture, code, and multi-faceted functionality. This step is crucial for identifying and resolving technical issues inherent to complex websites.

  • In-Depth Security Review

    We conduct a comprehensive security audit, essential for complex websites where data and transaction management is more sophisticated. Our goal is to detect all vulnerabilities and propose reinforcement measures adapted to the complexity of your site.

  • UX/UI evaluation

    The analysis of ergonomics, design and user experience is suitable for complex websites, where the interaction and interface must be intuitive despite the sophistication of the functionalities.

  • SEO audit

    We examine your site's SEO in detail, taking into account the unique challenges posed by its complexity. Our goal is to find opportunities for improvement to effectively increase your visibility on search engines.

  • Report and recommendations

    You will receive a comprehensive report, highlighting our findings and recommendations specific to the issues and characteristics of complex websites.

  • Personalized support in implementation

    Our team remains at your side to guide you in the application of the suggested improvements, taking into account the particularities and requirements of your website.

By choosing UNIVIRTUAL for the analysis and audit of your website, you benefit from a complete and personalized service to ensure that your website reaches its full potential.



  • Identify areas for improvement

    Analytics helps detect technical issues, like slow loading times, that can affect user experience and SEO.

  • Optimize performance and security

    During our analysis, we focus on optimizing the performance and security of your site. This not only ensures a smooth user experience but also protects your site from hacks and data leaks.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    A thorough SEO audit helps identify and correct issues that may affect your site's search engine ranking, thereby improving its visibility.

  • Better user experience (UX)

    By analyzing the ergonomics and interface of your site, we help you improve the user experience, which is crucial for retaining visitors and converting prospects into customers.

  • Benefit from personalized advice and detailed reports

    You will receive personalized advice based on the results of our analysis and a detailed report allowing you to understand the aspects to improve and the actions to take.

  • Continuously improve your website

    Our detailed analysis will allow you to identify and implement continuous improvements, ensuring your site stays up to date with the latest trends and technologies

  • Anticipate future developments

    With an analysis & an audit, your site will not only be optimized for the present, but also prepared for future developments, thus ensuring its sustainability and competitiveness on the market.

  • Reduce your costs

    By proactively identifying and remediating issues through our analysis and auditing, you reduce costs associated with emergency troubleshooting, last-minute fixes and unplanned updates. This represents significant savings in the long term, while ensuring the stability and reliability of your website.


  • Advanced website development

    Customized design of complex website (e-commerce site, scalable content management platform, interactive web application, etc.) allowing you to carry out your most demanding projects.

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  • Advanced mobile application development

    Custom design of advanced mobile applications (Android application development or IOS application development) to allow your customers and partners to easily access your products or services.

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  • 25 years of experience

    in the field of new technologies

  • An external and objective look

    on your website

  • Teams of expert auditors

    in web and mobile development

  • Cutting-edge technologies

    for all our analysis solutions

  • A personalized approach

    adapted to the specificities of your site

  • Detailed reports and recommendations

    practical and concrete to improve your site

‘‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’’

Stephen Hawking


Your business is unique, let’s analyze your digitalization possibilities together. Contact our advisors to find out more about the possibility of a website analysis and audit.