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Ensure the protection of your establishment, your employees and your equipment with our efficient and innovative access control solutions. The UNIVIRTUAL teams offer you corporate access control solutions allowing you to time stamp, clock in and identify people present on your premises, thus avoiding intrusions by unauthorized people. You can thus ensure an optimal level of protection in your premises, allowing you to work with complete peace of mind. For more flexibility, you can control your access control system, on site or remotely, via a single application available on browser or mobile. All your access data is stored on your Cloud security center connected to your sites by secure private VPNs common to all our solutions.

The safety of your employees and your equipment is our top priority. Couple with real-time presence monitoring and management of entrances and exits (time stamping, clocking in), you will benefit from efficient and simplified staff monitoring.

With UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security, benefit from the most innovative identification systems for access control for your business

UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security identification system

UNIVIRTUAL, European leader in the field of virtualization and cloud infrastructure for 25 years, puts its expertise, services and latest product innovations at your disposal to protect access to your business. UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security offers a wide range of access control and real-time presence management systems including time stamping, time clocking and innovative badge reader designed to effectively manage entries and exits in your business. Several identification systems are possible and can even be combined: biometric identification and authentication by fingerprint, retinal or facial recognition, access by digital badge, by code. Access control can be aimed at all types of companies, SMEs or large groups, which wish to limit access to their premises or to certain sensitive areas. Our systems support your enterprise access control for up to 100,000 users and 128 different time zone plans. We also keep access history for up to several years depending on the storage size you choose.

With UNIVIRTUAL's expertise and cutting-edge technologies, you can sleep soundly knowing that your premises are perfectly secure.

How access control works with UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security

UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security includes a wide range of innovative identification and authentication systems that can be stacked or used alone to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering designated areas:

  • Biometric identification

    Biometric identification:

    This innovative access control solution makes it possible to identify a person using one of their physical characteristics. Each individual has unique characteristics, biometrics is the most secure identification solution. We offer three types of biometric identification systems:

    • by facial recognition
    • by retinal imprint
    • by fingerprint
  • Access by badge

    Access by badge:

    We install a badge reader (or badge reader) at the different entrances to your establishment. We offer two types of badge identification systems:

    • Contact badge:

      Magnetic or electronic badges that each user must pass through the badge machine to access the premises.

    • The contactless badge:

      Badges which must be presented within a specific radius. You only need to be within the reader's transmission range for access to be authorized.

  • Access by code

    Access by code

    A digital keypad is installed at the various entrances to your establishment. To gain entry, users must enter a code that will be chosen and configured by your company. You can change this code at any time and as many times as necessary to increase security.

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  • Effectively protect your establishment

    Protect your employees, your property and merchandise by limiting access to authorized people only.

  • Secure your staff

    By regulating access to your business, you reduce the risk of intrusion and violence towards staff, thus improving the feeling of security at work.

  • Avoid acts of vandalism and intrusions

    The visibility of an access control system will deter unauthorized intrusion attempts.

  • Limit access

    Limit access to some of your employees or visitors by locking dangerous or sensitive areas.

  • Manage attendance efficiently and simply

    With our access control systems, time-stamp and clock the entrances and exits of your staff

  • Control your security systems remotely

    The administration interface accessible by VPN on the web or mobile application allows you to manage remote access.

  • Backup and recovery system included

    All our virtual security centers and their data are backed up automatically and regularly on 3 different locations thanks to our Falcon Recovery technology, your security center can be restored in just a few minutes.

  • Take advantage of our 24/7 hardware & software monitoring

    Our technical teams can intervene 24/7 in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Access control can be combined with our other security systems such as video and video surveillance to strengthen the overall security of your establishment

  • Videophone

    Versatile connected video intercom solutions facilitating communications between visitors, the company and control centers where applicable.

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  • Surveillance camera

    Connected video surveillance solutions based on the latest technologies and cutting-edge surveillance cameras with facial and behavioral recognition.

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  • 25 years of experience

    in enterprise security

  • Tailor-made solutions

    adapted to the specific needs of each client

  • Teams of specialized experts

    highly qualified in the field of access control

  • Solutions compatible with Onvif and CGI protocols

    to facilitate integration with possible third-party software

  • Compatibility of our solutions

    security between thems

  • Price-performance-safety

    Best report

‘‘The lower the risks, the better the business.’’


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