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Identify your acquisition levers thanks to the analysis of your website and an SEO audit

seo analysis

Identify your SEO optimization opportunities for your website. The UNIVIRTUAL teams can help you identify the most effective sources of traffic for your website and the acquisition levers to put in place to optimize your natural referencing in order to increase your visibility on search engines thanks to to an SEO audit. Using analytics and tracking tools, we can provide you with detailed information about your users' behaviors and the keywords that bring them to your site. We can also help you identify opportunities to improve your content and user experience to increase your website's conversion rate.

Reveal the power of your online presence with our SEO audit expertise, for optimal visibility and lasting success.

With UNIVIRTUAL, take advantage of the expertise of our SEO consultants to unlock your potential

seo audit

UNIVIRTUAL, leader in the field of digital transformation and recognized player in SEO for 25 years, puts its expertise in website audit at your disposal with the aim of identifying the actions to be implemented to optimize your natural and paid SEO. Our teams of experienced SEO consultants will use advanced tools and methods to analyze your website, check its compliance with SEO rules, and identify areas for improvement so that you are more visible on search engines. We will provide you with a detailed report containing clear and relevant recommendations to optimize your SEO and achieve your objectives.

With UNIVIRTUAL, you have all the cards in hand to improve your SEO and develop your visibility on search engines.


Discover the essential steps of the SEO audit of your website to optimize your online presence. The objective is to maximize the visibility of your site and boost your ranking in search engines:

  • 1

    - Analyse of needs

    In this first phase, we seek to understand your specific objectives and needs. This essential step will allow you to set up a personalized SEO audit.

  • 2

    - Semantic Audit and Keyword Analysis

    We will identify the most relevant keywords and optimize the semantics of your website. This approach aims to improve the visibility of your site online by using language that resonates with your target audience.

  • 3

    - Competition Audit

    We will evaluate the position of your site in relation to the competition and analyze the strategy adopted by your competitors. This comparative analysis allows you to define strategies to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

  • 4

    - On-site and Off-site Audit

    We examine both internal and external elements of your website to identify opportunities for improvement and possible corrective actions to boost your performance on search engines and increase your visibility.

website analysis

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  • Identify your areas for improvement

    An SEO audit allows our team of SEO consultants to understand the key elements that affect the visibility of your website in search results. This will correct these errors and improve the quality of your website.

  • Analyze the competition

    When carrying out an SEO audit, we also analyze the competition to study their SEO strategies, allowing us to better understand the market and develop more effective strategies.

  • Analyze your users' behavior

    By analyzing the data and analytics of your website, we will be able to observe the behavior of your users of your site and how they interact with your site: the pages they visit most often, the time spent on your site, the type devices used (smartphone, tablet, computer) or the actions they perform.

  • Optimize your performance

    Analyzing your website allows you to identify opportunities that can be implemented to improve your positioning in search engines and thus increase your traffic.

  • Make informed decisions

    With accurate data from the audit, you can make informed decisions to guide your SEO strategy. This means you invest your resources strategically to achieve the best results.

  • Adapt to user needs

    By understanding how users interact with your site, you can make specific improvements to meet their needs, which can increase their engagement and satisfaction.

  • Gain a competitive advantage

    Competitor analysis gives you a competitive advantage by identifying what works about your competitors and allowing you to adjust your own SEO strategy.

  • Optimize your SEO continuously

    The improvement opportunities identified through the SEO audit help you to constantly optimize your website, which can lead to continued improvement in your search engine positioning and online performance.


  • Definition of SEO strategies

    Creation of effective SEO strategies to improve the positioning of your website and thus achieve your acquisition objectives.

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  • Optimization & Monitoring

    Proactive implementation and continuous monitoring to achieve optimal performance and thus increase your return on investment and guarantee the success of your initiatives.

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  • 25 years of experience

    in the field of new technologies

  • An external and objective look

    on your website

  • Teams of specialized experts

    in SEO and website analytics

  • Recommendations linked to realities on the ground

    drawn from our experience

  • Global support

    based on your growth

  • Price-performance-safety

    Best report

‘‘Google is the new home page for a business.’’

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Your business is unique, let’s analyze your digitalization possibilities together. Contact our advisors to find out more about the possibility of carrying out an SEO audit.