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2024 - 06 - 17

This article explores in depth what a data center is, its types and benefits.

What is a data center ?

A data center is a physical infrastructure made up of computer servers, storage equipment, network switches, routers, firewalls, cables and racks that organize and interconnect all this equipment. These facilities are designed to host and manage massive volumes of digital data. Data centers allow data to be processed, stored and distributed around the world, which is essential in the era of cloud computing.

The importance of data centers

With the rise of cloud computing, data centers have become crucial for businesses of all sizes. Search engines, websites and online applications depend on data centers to store and manage information. In other words, they are the beating heart of the Internet

Data center classification

Data centers are classified according to their level of reliability and resilience, as determined by the Uptime Institute. This classification, called "Tier", comprises four levels:

Tier I - Basic data center

The Tier I is an installation with a single power supply and without redundancy, offering an availability rate of 99.671%. This equates to about 28.8 hours of downtime per year.

Tier II - Data center with partial redundancy

Tier II data centers have some redundancy capabilities for power and cooling, but not for power distribution. They have an availability rate of 99.741%, or about 22 hours of interruption per year.

Tier III - Data center with concurrent maintenance

These installations can be maintained without IT downtime through complete redundancy of components and multiple distribution paths. The availability rate is 99.982%, or about 1.6 hours of interruption per year.

Tier IV - Fault-tolerant data center

Tier IV data centers are the most advanced, offering complete redundancy and automatic fault response. They guarantee an availability rate of 99.995%, or about 0.8 hours of interruption per year.

Choosing the right data center

To choose the right data center for your needs, several criteria must be considered:

  • Data location: Where will your data be stored?
  • Certifications: Does the operator have the necessary certifications for your industry?
  • Hosting space: What space is available for hosting your data?
  • Connectivity and electrical capacity: What are the connectivity options and electrical capacity available?
  • Security and availability level: What is the security and availability level offered by the data center?
  • Maintenance: Is maintenance in operational conditions rigorously ensured?
  • Services offered: What additional services are offered?
  • Actors present: Which other customers use this data center?
  • Financial stability: What is the financial stability of the operator?

The data centers of UNIVIRTUAL

At UNIVIRTUAL, our Tier IV data centers offer the highest level of security and performance. With high redundancy thanks to clustered server firms and backups distributed in several countries via our Falcon Recovery solution, we ensure unparalleled continuity of service. In addition, cybersecurity is enhanced by the Black Sentinel solution, protecting against threats, intrusions and cyber attacks.

The advantages of UNIVIRTUAL data centers

Data centers offer many benefits to businesses:

  1. Performance: Nps data centers rely on top-of-the-line resources, including ultra-fast Nvme SSD storage optimized and dedicated for read and write, ultra-fast muti-RAMchannel in ECC, ultra-high-frequency processors with ultra-fast response times
  2. Reliability: In case of failure in one of our data centers, our backup and archiving environments hosted in 3 different countries (France, England and Sweden) ensure the protection of your data in all circumstances.
  3. Security: Our data centers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and HDS certified, ensuring the highest level of data and facility security.
  4. Expertise: European leader in cloud for 25 years, we have a recognized expertise in the field of storage and data management.
  5. Cost savings: Outsourcing your data to UNIVIRTUAL’s data centers reduces your costs and expenses by limiting the costs related to equipment purchase, installation and internal maintenance.
  6. Flexibility: We are flexible and ready to quickly allocate additional resources to meet your evolving needs.
  7. Save space: Hosting your data in our data centers eliminates the need to have your own servers on site.
  8. High Availability: With a 99.95% SLA, you can rest assured that your mission-critical applications will be online and running without interruption, ensuring continued service availability.
  9. Focus on the core business: We manage the configuration, optimization and monitoring of your environment, so you can focus on your core business.


Data centers play a crucial role in the modern digital world, providing critical data storage, processing and management solutions for businesses of all sizes. UNIVIRTUAL’s data centers are Tier IV data centers located in France, England and Sweden. At the cutting edge of technology, they offer unparalleled performance, maximum safety and exceptional reliability. To learn more about our solutions visit our website.

By choosing UNIVIRTUAL, you are opting for cutting-edge infrastructure, recognized expertise and uncompromising data security. Contact us to find out how our data center solutions can meet your specific needs.

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