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When a user performs a search, the only way to make a page visible to them is to optimize it by applying the rules of the search engine. You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but without SEO for your website, it is likely to remain invisible to everyone. With an SEO analyzing, studying and optimizing your website can increase its visits tenfold and go from an anecdotal site to an efficient and business-generating site.
Acquisition techniques via search engines
Natural SEO
Advertising on search engines
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Demand maximum SEO from your site

Why is SEO important?
SEO is fundamental for the business of a company, the web has become essential for commerce. We are now in the era of no Web no Business. The act of purchase is now almost always preceded by an active search in Google, whether it is to learn about the characteristics of a product, to compare its price and then order it in store or directly on the web.
From then on, you understand the vital interest of natural referencing. More than being visible on the web, you must ensure a presence at the top of the results of queries typed by Internet users. They are the ones who are consulted in priority, the rest of the positions share the crumbs.
SEO represents more than 70% on average of your website traffic. The stake is both quantitative and qualitative, it must bring you qualified traffic. This is why it also responds to a marketing issue by organizing the meeting between your offer and the demand which increasingly uses the internet.
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Google figures: all the statistics you need to know in 2020
With 60% market share, Google continues to secure its status as the world's leading search engine in 2020
Google queries
130,000 billion pages are indexed by Google.
20 billion sites are crawled by Google every day.
80,000 requests every second, or 6.9 billion per day.
15% of requests are new requests (500 million per day)!
Over 100 million GB of data is stored on Google's servers.
More 90% of search traffic in France is from Google (February 2019).
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In other words, natural referencing can bring you customers.
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90% of clicks

are totaled by the 1st page
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60% of clicks

are monopolized by the first 3 positions
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80% of the traffic

is brought by the long tail
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How does natural SEO work?

To do this, Internet users must be able to find you among the 130,000 billion pages indexed in Google which constitute the “web jungle”. Several tools are at your disposal to distinguish yourself:
Keywords. These are the terms used by Internet users in their requests and which must be found in your technically optimized content for this purpose (use of tags, etc.).
Notoriety. To increase your traffic, you must be "quoted" by sources having a strong popularity and, preferably, exclusive: this is the netlinking.
Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing)
natural reference
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Our web solutions
What if we help you to develop your online visibility, with a tailor-made presence on the web?
From the design of your website, its graphic (webdesign) and technical (web development) aspects, to its SEO (presence on Google), we come together to design a high-performance technological product. When visibility and efficiency come together, your company accesses a new dimension on the Internet.
Discover the strength of our website and SEO solutions, which like a salesperson, will prospect on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a 2.0 commercial, our digital® salesperson.
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Search Engine Marketing

Brings together all the solutions aimed at strengthening the visibility of a website on search engines

Search Engine Optimization

Includes actions aimed at strengthening the visibility of a site on search engines, this in natural results (also called organic results).
These actions are divided into two parts:

On-page SEO (website optimization): tree structure, content, coding.

Off-page SEO (optimization outside the website): netlinking, linkbaiting, purchase of publication with links ...


Search Engine Advertising

Includes actions aimed at buying advertising space on search engines. The most well-known program is Adwords which allows ads to be displayed in the results of the Google search engine and on affiliate sites.
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