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Web Applications, Site & Mobile Apps

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By respecting all the technical and marketing constraints during the development of the Internet site, the companies can effectively discover new potential customers and gain new markets to which they could not have access before.
The virtual world opens up new perspectives for companies, thanks to its fluidity and efficiency, the web has become a profitable and ultra profitable field. For a tailor-made web application and website development, it is necessary to orient yourself towards a company specializing in the field and which masters all aspects of technology. To ensure total satisfaction and the success of your projects.
UNIVIRTUAL, leader in the field of professional web development with our SMALL BUSINESS branch, is at your service to carry out web development adapted to your needs and your specificities.
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You have a web project that is not just a simple showcase site and you are looking for the team that can carry out this project from start to finish. From creating the graphic model to putting your website online, including server deployment and system redundancy, we can carry out your project. We use the most advanced technologies for this. These technologies will allow us to build a reliable and scalable website as much on the client side as on the server side.
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Knowing how to stand out is also to be unique and promote your business to develop your full potential. The added value of a change of site is measurable while renewing your image. Our graphic designers will be able to assist you to offer you a showcase that meets your ambitions. Your graphic charter will remain at the heart of your needs corresponding to your business. It is essential to express the objective of your redesign in order to meet all your expectations. A semantic content strategy at the height of search engines. It is necessary that your site be up to current mobile Internet standards.

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UNIVIRTUAL, leader in the field of custom mobile website design and development, provides you with its know-how and expertise in the field to help you deploy an efficient and profitable mobile website strategy.
Do you want to create an application for iPhone or iPad? You are in the right place.
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iOS remains a platform of first choice for the implementation of mobile applications with more than 5 000 000 applications on its App Store which generated $ 519 billion sales worldwide in 1 year.
Thanks to a team highly qualified in this field, we can handle all kinds of applications. We assure you a high quality of development of your application with support in the distribution of the iOS application both at the level of the App Store and at the level of digital marketing.


The Android operating system is the most popular in the mobile environment market. Android has become the cornerstone of any successful mobile strategy. Our Android mobile specialists carry out the technical, ergonomic and graphic design of your Android application.
Our dedicated Android teams can also effectively support you in the distribution of your applications on the Android Market, as well as in digital marketing.
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