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Successful transition to the cloud with the leader in hyper-convergence

Improve your performance

High-end hosting for professional digital solutions

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  • Hosting
  • Powerful Max iops Dedicated Server
  • Private Cloud
  • Vpn networks & security Black Sentinel
  • Falcon Recovery Storage & Backup
  • Virtual office digitalization
  • VOIP telecommunication
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Choose the best infrastructure for your business applications

With UNIVIRTUAL HOSTING, you are guaranteed the expertise of the world of high-end bare metal. All our hosting infrastructures and our servers benefit from the latest technological innovations, they come from and are guaranteed by the major players in the world hardware DELL, HP, LENOVO ... We offer different hosting ranges from simple website to ultra dedicated servers and adapted to the most demanding needs of all companies.
Host your website, deploy your high resilience infrastructure or together lets customize your servers to adapt them to your extraordinary projects.
ultra powerful dedicated servers
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Ultra powerful dedicated servers

With its range of dedicated servers, UNIVIRTUAL offers you NVme SSD storage space per server for a maximum of iops. In order to offer you a very high quality service, but also servers with more disk space for storing large amounts of data, archiving or making backups. Choose your servers. Deploy in high availability with load balancers and active-active network aggregation.
dedicated cloud with private network
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Dedicated cloud with private network interconnected with your company

A true hybrid solution, UNIVIRTUAL-CLOUD allows you to interconnect your own network to your infrastructures hosted in our data centers. Deploy your cloud via a private, secure and efficient network. 100% of the resources, 100% of the time.
NVme SSD storage per server
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Private cloud with private network interconnected with your company

Your private network to interconnect and isolate your servers in a secure way, build a personalized private-cloud infrastructure. Processor, Ram, Nvme SSD, Network 25GB high-end equipment with incredible performance are allocated to you, in order to meet the slightest demand for power. With this range of resource-guaranteed clouds, you can harness the full power of your server at any time. Resources are not shared and are assigned to you.
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Provide secure and reliable remote access to your business and cloud applications. The SD-WAN by Fortinet solution accelerates deployment, simplifies management and ensures performance to keep your collaborators in business. Guarantee the performance of SaaS, VOIP and VDI solutions and also solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Zoom Meeting, Skype, and many others.
black sentry security
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Black Sentinel Security

Secure and Sustain, avoid downtime and ensure that your data and applications remain available and secure, even in the event of a major incident, such as hardware, software, power failures or cyber attacks. Protect yourself against new threats like CryptoLockers, integrated advanced anti-DDoS, as well as protection from more generic attacks. Our Black Sentinel protection solutions are implemented for each of our customers.
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With UNIVIRTUAL SSD-HA storage spaces, you have a centralized storage or backup space for your data with multipoint access, which ensures high availability of storage. No technical administration required on your part. Entirely managed by UNIVIRTUAL and 100% serenity for you.
falcon recovery smart backup
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Falcon Recovery Smart Backup

Daily backup (several times during the day for databases) Our teams are able to restore your servers in a few minutes to a state prior to the problems you might encounter.
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Digitalization & Telecommunications

Find all the information on VM digitalization and VOIP telecommunications on our dedicated page.
Our job is to guarantee you the service continuity of your activity which requires more and more technical skills, significant human resources capable of supporting 24/7 All in a constantly evolving perimeter whose amplitude can sometimes be multiplied (peak load, marketing campaigns, one-off projects, etc.).





Cost containment

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"At UNIVIRTUAL, we take very seriously the security and availability of our customers' data."
This is why we offer you complete high-end solutions, ensuring the high availability of your infrastructures at all times. As such, our anti-DDoS filtering, threat protection and flow inspection protection are included with all of our products. We maintain the security of our solutions by continuously improving our infrastructure.
Make sure that your most critical data is always secure and available.
Strong partnership
Official distributor and integrator of several major brands Consulting and solutions' scaling. Financing solutions. Certifications, sales, support and engineering.
All our cloud solutions are equipped with the latest technologies Latest generation processor Very high frequency Ram Ultra-fast NVMe SSDs Internal network from 10 to 25 Gb SFP28.
Up to 60% savings
In OpEx or CapEx compared to your traditional IT infrastructures. Simplicity of administration and fast deployment. Location, financing or usage-related invoicing.
digital control panel
Digital Control Panel
Provides high-level functionality Automatic provisioning Reporting, monitoring Automation & workflows.
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UNIVIRTUAL works with ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 datacenters on a rare, comprehensive scope and covering all sensitive activities
Scope: Critical hosting and Cloud services in very high availability Data Center, supervision center (Network and Security Operation), administration, innovation, marketing.
network and Security Operation ISOnetwork and Security Operation IEC
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UNIVIRTUAL offers HDS (Health Data Hosting) certifications on all activities
This is the highest level of certification for hosting healthcare data. It covers physical sites, physical and virtual infrastructures, hosting platforms, maintenance in operational condition, administration, operation and backup.
health data hosting
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Discover our solutions with an unbeatable price-performance ratio!
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