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UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security, complete and modular security systems

To simplify deployment, UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security solutions are modular, you are free to choose the installation of an access control system only, or to couple your access system to a Visio or Alarm system, in all cases, the installed cloud security center will be common to all the solutions and you benefit from a single web application, smartphone to manage all of your security systems.
You can thus evolve your security system in an agile way and sustain your investments.
All of our security systems are based on dedicated clouds. They are connected to your sites by secure private VPNs. The link channels within your sites are also encrypted. Whatever the type of deployment carried out, data security is a priority for us.
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UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security Professional security system integrator
  • Access control
  • Video control
  • Camera
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UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security access control system

UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security offers a wide range of innovative Access Control and various solutions designed to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering designated areas and maintaining access records.
Several identification systems are possible and can even be combined: Digital badge, Code, Biometric fingerprint, Retinal print, Facial recognition.
Our systems support the management of up to 100,000 users and 128 time zone plans, with access history up to several years (depending on the size of the storage chosen).
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UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security Visio control system

Our Visio intercom solutions facilitate communications between visitors, the business, and management centers where appropriate.
A versatile range of intercom solutions is offered with multiple IP protocol, secure Wi-Fi, for small businesses as well as large groups.
Integration with our video surveillance and alarm solutions offers more intelligence and security.
The management system is available both on a workstation (PC, MAC, LINUX) and on an application (Tablet, Mobile). This allows you to easily manage visitors who can be answered at the door from anywhere through an intuitive mobile app.
The open and standard SIP protocol facilitates integration with third-party software.
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UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security video surveillance system

UNIVIRTUAL Shield Security is committed to providing you with cutting-edge technologies and products, such as high contrast 4K cameras, ultra powerful zoom, facial recognition, night vision, thermal vision, multi-sensor panoramas, all in ePoE.
Data transmission with optimized codecs to improve encoding efficiency and save bandwidth.
Several levels of products are available to meet various demands.
Our high-end "corporate black" products are aimed at professionals who demand the latest innovations and the best quality.
Our "corporate" range products are designed for professionals looking for a balance between costs and performance. While the "pro" series is aimed at customers who care about quality, but are on a tight budget.
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protocoles onvif and cgi
Our products and solutions are compatible with the Onvif and CGI protocols to facilitate integration with any third-party software
Different high-end solutions are available to meet all demands, even the most demanding
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