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2024 - 04 - 12

Téléphonie VOIP

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony is a revolutionary technology that allows voice transmission over the Internet, offering an efficient and economical alternative to traditional telephone systems. With the constant evolution of telecommunications technology, VOIP telephony presents itself as an essential solution for companies seeking to optimize their internal and external communications.

What is VOIP Telephony?

VOIP telephony transforms voice signals into digital data packets which are then transmitted over the internet or any other IP (Internet Protocol) network. This technology allows phone calls to be made via a computer, a specialized VOIP phone or a softphone, an application installed on a smartphone or computer. Business adoption of VOIP telephony offers a multitude of benefits, including cost reduction, flexibility, and advanced features.

The advantages of VOIP Telephony for Businesses

Cost reduction

One of the main attractions of VOIP telephony is the significant reduction in communication costs, particularly for international calls. Businesses benefit from lower rates and unlimited plans for landline and mobile calls across Europe.

Flexibility and Mobility

VOIP telephony allows great flexibility of use. Whether your employees are in the office, teleworking or traveling, they remain reachable thanks to voice over IP telephony. This enhanced mobility promotes better responsiveness and continuity of commercial operations.

Quality and Reliability

VOIP technology offers superior sound quality, with clear and interference-free communications, thanks to the digitalization of sound. In addition, the reliability of this service is ensured by highly secure solutions and almost constant availability.

Advanced Features

VOIP phone systems integrate advanced features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, and more, making team collaboration and efficiency easier.

Integration and Security

VOIP telephony easily integrates with tools and applications already used by businesses, allowing a smooth transition to more modern and secure communication. Encrypted communications and secure connections protect against unauthorized eavesdropping and guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

Why choose UNIVIRTUAL for your VOIP telephony?

By choosing UNIVIRTUAL for your VOIP telephony solution, you benefit from the expertise of a European leader in the field of virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Our customizable solutions adapt to all the specific needs of your business, offering unprecedented flexibility and an optimal level of security.

Easy Migration

Whether you want to keep your current numbers or get new ones, UNIVIRTUAL makes the transition to VOIP telephony easy, with no additional installation costs and quick setup with no impact on your business.

Additional Offers

In addition to our expertise in VOIP telephony, explore our other virtualization offerings such as virtual private servers (VPS) and virtual machines (VM), for a complete and integrated business communications solution.

VOIP telephony represents the future of business telecommunications, offering a high-performance, economical and flexible solution. With UNIVIRTUAL, move up a gear and give your business the necessary tools

Contact our teams of specialist advisors to find out how VOIP telephony can optimize the efficiency of your business.

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