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Custom software development

Be equipped with a custom software  performing with its own business strategy is one
of the success factors for a company.

For this reason the selection of a development company of  custom software is an important and rather
delicate operation which undoubtedly requires referring to a structure of experience, renowned and
endowed with a certain longevity to make the right choice that corresponds to your needs.

Imagine the ideal software for your business, collaboratively designed and built to meet your specific needs.
A completely tailor-made program, perfectly suited to your needs, which blends into your organization
as well as your information system.
Built by you and supported by our advice and analysis. As your business evolves and procedures change,
the application evolves with you and quickly adapts to your new needs. With this type of agile
evolution, you waste less time, you are efficient and you save money.


Collaborating with a dedicated outsourced team has many

Univirtual supports you with complete software development teams, specialized in the multidisciplinary
technologies that you use, to carry out your project.

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Flexible Planning

Scrum methodology. Kanban. Or mixed. With powerful planning tools, our teams can plan their tasks
flexibly according to your needs.

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Accurate Estimates

With estimates as close as possible to reality, your business gains in precision and efficiency. To be able to
plan application releases on time.

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Value-driven prioritization

Organization of workflows creates your tickets with several types of prioritization, tasks, bugs, improvements, new features, from your
backlog you can give orders by simply dragging and dropping.

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Transparent execution

For your own teams or our teams spread around the world, UNIVIRTUAL reinforces the transparency of the
work and guarantees the same level of information to all your users, through numerous logging systems.

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Concrete results

With numerous reporting features, your teams benefit from essential information on development and processes.
Retrospectives are based on clear data and are more actionable than ever.

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Continuous integration

Add tickets, modify your priorities, workflows are modified in real time, as your
needs evolve, that's what being agile ...
UNIVIRTUAL is your efficient and Agile project management solution designed
for all types of projects and all teams, whatever they are.

The best development teams deliver quickly and consistently.

Depending on the complexity of your project and the level of scalability you want to achieve, you can
increase or decrease the size of your team at any time, and thus optimize your long-term growth strategy
and best meet the challenges of the time-to-market.

We remain at your disposal throughout the life cycle of your product. With Univirtual, you can establish a
partnership for the outsourcing of your software development and then extend it to other levels in order
to benefit from our high-end services in Infrastructure and Hosting architecture, advanced technical consulting in
Digitalization & Telecommunications, Digital marketing, advanced SEO SEM,
Social media marketing SMM….

Contact us to find out more about our expertise and discuss about your needs.


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