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UNIVIRTUAL is a digital development and digital
services company

created for more than 22 years, a leader in its field, puts at your disposal its know-how,
its services and its products in order to carry out and succeed at your side your most ambitious digital projects.

UNIVIRTUAL offers you all the services of high performance Datacenter,
Private Cloud and IT outsourcing

A worldwide center of excellence in hosting services and data and big-data management, our international network
is at your disposal with the rigor of treatment and with the setup of monitoring and drastic control analyzes.

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Digital Business Optimization

Our team of specialists in performance improvement and implementation of business
functional processes can support you effectively, in constantly changing environments.

This team, with expertise in consulting and auditing in the technical and operational departments
of large groups, can support you in your projects, taking into account the best practices
observed on the market.

    Our areas of intervention cover:

  •    Audit & Compliance
  •    Organization & Functional process
  •    Systems & Technologies
  •    Strategy & digital transformation
  •    Analysis of the competition & digital market risks management

Find out how to effectively implement your private datacenter, your Private cloud, Enterprise Virtualization, Remote working.

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Digitalization & Telecommunications

Set up corporate digitalization, digital telecommunications, remote working with UNIVIRTUAL

  •   Provide digital workspaces on corporate or personal terminals to access critical applications
  •   Protect all endpoints that access corporate resources remotely
  •   Accelerate the performance of business applications over remote connections
  •   Tailor capacity to needs to add new users instantly and upon demand

Stay connected in all circumstances

The digitalization of your Data & Telecommunications guarantees the fluidity, reliability and stability of your company's resources
without any limits. So your company is redundant and secure at all levels and can ensure its continuity of service.

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And in complete safety

With end-to-end encryption and transfer's compression and optimization algorithms,
exchanges remain fast and secure with any type of internet connection.
Your internal and external exchanges remain confidential, encrypted and protected.

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Exceptional events such as COVID-19 and traffic restrictions make it almost impossible for
business their normal activity. In order to guarantee the continuity of your activity, you must set up
remote working for your employees, but also guarantee productivity, strengthen connectivity and
offer continuous and secure access toapplications on all devices. We are here to help you.

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Systems Network Security
& Web Hosting

Efficient and secure hosting & cloud solutions with attractive prices

UNIVIRTUAL provides services hosting, Cloud, Virtual private network, load balancer,
protection against all types of DDoS attacks, Injection, brute force, rdp, spam, choose the best
options to improve and secure your infrastructure.

Get ready with the best infrastructure for your business applications

With UNIVIRTUAL, you are guaranteed the expertise of a large group. All our servers are renewed regularly and benefit
from the latest generation technological innovations. Each machine is designed to produce advanced performance.

We offer you different ranges of efficient dedicated servers adapted to the needs of the most demanding companies.
Deploy your high resilience infrastructure adapted to your projects.

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Access Control & Security

For centralized security management in multiple sites

Video surveillance and access control:

UNIVIRTUAL offers you customized secure solutions for 360° access control and monitoring, centralized systems
in your own private cloud, towards which all the data of all your establishments converge in single or multi-site.

To optimally secure your business, it is essential to have a comprehensive security system.
Having alarm systems with or without remote monitoring is very useful for monitoring your business during absences,
but it is also essential to control the access of people entering and leaving your
establishments at any time of the day.

For 22 years, UNIVIRTUAL has worked alongside European Companies and Administrations to study
with them ultra-secure solutions and support them in the deployment of latest generation access control systems :
facial recognition, retinal recognition, fingerprint, badge to nano chip.
Whatever the size of your business, we have the solutions adapted to your needs.

The advantage of our security management solutions integrated into your private cloud lies in the fact that the services are more reliable,
more efficient, more secure and much more economical due to the centralization of equipment and software.
They are also scalable, and can be upgraded according to the needs of your business.

In a word, easier, faster, more efficient, safer and less expensive .... So do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Contact us to find out more about our expertise and discuss about your needs.


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