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How UNIVIRTUAL can support
your business continuity

Find out how to implement enterprise
virtualization or remote working.

Remote collaborative work

  • Digitalization of virtual workstations
  • Securing your work environment with Black Sentinel
  • Backing up your data and Virtual Machines with Falcon Recovery
  • VOIP telecommunication
  • Telecommunication 360 HD Voip, Mail, Chat, Visio conference
  • Cloud dedicate

Set up remote working with UNIVIRTUAL

UNIVIRTUAL professional solutions for your business 100% digital
réseau cloud virtuel
Virtual Cloud Network
Interconnect and secure your network, cloud, applications and data, telecommunications, from anywhere.
espace de télécommunication virtuel
Virtual workspace
Make it easy to work from anywhere, when you want, from any device without compromising security.
espace de travail virtuel
Digital collaboration space
Improve the collaboration of your teams, wherever they are. Manage your documentations, processes, workflows… Available from your cloud in complete security.
digitalisation des applications
Virtual telecommunication space
Connect to your internal and external telecommunications systems, efficiently while reducing costs.
espace de collaboration digital
Digitalization of applications
Integrate your business applications in the cloud and offer a unique user experience to your employees while securing the high availability of your applications.
sécurité intrinsèque
Intrinsically safe
Leverage your infrastructure and control points differently to protect your applications and data with strong service resiliency.
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A trusted cloud partner

Boost your digital transformation with professional and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.
Our "LARGE BUSINESS" products and solutions help all types and sizes businesses in
their transition to the digital cloud. We offer increased agility and innovation compared
to on-premises IT environments.

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Digital workspace

Offer your internal and remote collaborators a digital workspace experience (virtual office) allowing
access to all their applications from any terminal without compromising security.

Give them the freedom to choose their device and deploy virtual desktops (VDIs) and mission-critical applications to any
business or personal device.

Protect access to applications with an ultra-sophisticated control model wherever the applications reside,
on your premises or in the cloud.
Thanks to an ultra flexible infrastructure, your digital environments can adapt to the changing needs of remote working.

espace de travail numerique

Your employees can use a personal terminal or you can provide them with a professional terminal.
Then they connect by secured VPN to the company's virtual workstation.
They are instantly accessed to a full set of business applications with simplified single sign-on
to all cloud applications.
Zero-trust intrinsic security ensures compliant and secure access
to applications to protect your infrastructure and data.

scalabilité et puissance

Scalability and power on demand

UNIVIRTUAL Cloud Computing can very quickly deploy an infrastructure of virtual desktops, consistent and more secure in the Cloud.
Take advantage, in less than 1 hour, of the variable capacity of resource.
Protect your corporate digital infrastructure with the Site Recovery cloud-based disaster recovery solution.

digitalisation et telecommunication fleche
protection des terminaux Black Sentinel Cloud

Black Sentinel Cloud
endpoint protection

Protect remote workers from cyber attacks without additional infrastructure need.
The UNIVIRTUAL Black Sentinel Cloud solution provides complete protection (hardening, prevention, virus detection)
and drastically reduces the attack surface, prevents malicious behavior
and responds to attacks wherever you are posts around the world.
Your employees are thus protected and your business sustained.

digitalisation et telecommunication fleche

Backup of Cloud
Falcon Recovery terminals

Our teams are able to restore your virtual machines in a few minutes to a state prior to
the problems you might encounter.

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Guarantee the involvement
of remote collaborators

Quality home access is essential to enable employees
to continue their activity in these uncertain times.
Ensure productivity of local or remote employees from the first day on their chosen device.
Employees can use a personal terminal or you can provide them with a professional one.
Then they connect to their virtual workstation with everything they need for working,
so they are up and running immediately.

Virtual desktops and applications
in the Private Cloud

UNIVIRTUAL Presents: Univirtual-Digitalcomput

Deploy today your infrastructure with
Empower your business to quickly earmark desktops and virtual applications.

Benefits VDI Virtual Desktop

Efficient business continuity solutions

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transformation numerique
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HD digital VOIP

VOIP is a digital telecom access that relies on an Internet connection.
You can free yourself from your old analogue or ISDN lines. You personalize your
access by choosing your plan, provisioned or unlimited and the number of simultaneous calls necessary
for the proper functioning of your business.

Flexibility of the VOIP, you have the possibility to adjust without any work and additional installation costs the number of simultaneous
calls of your Standard digital VOIP.
You can also keep your current numbers or make a request to create new numbers.

Get ready with agile telecommunications, stay connected from any location while keeping the advantage of
a high-end, clear and efficient telecommunications solution.
Thanks to HD digital equipment, you allow your employees and your customers to benefit from the best of
digital systems. Get ready with a high-end digital telephone exchange with (pre-hook, music on hold,
multi-participant conference call, conference call room, etc.)

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Have a customized and scalable professional
digital telephone system

Intuitive business telephony as well
as a custom installation in Cost Kill !!

Enter into the digital telephony world

digitalisation meilleur prix

+ 30%

savings on average
thanks to a migration to VOIP



of companies are interested in VOIP
for its new collaborative features

communication digital


of our customers are
effectively supported to enter serenely
into the VOIP world

VOIP virtual telecommunications
in the Private Cloud

Univirtual Presents: Univirtual-Digitaltélécom Cloud

Deploy today your digital telecommunications with
Empower your business to quickly earmark virtual HD telephones and softphones.

VOIP Advantages

  • Freedom to consume without counting
  • Control of your billing with the possibility of prohibiting out-of-bundle calls
  • Communication quality thanks to high definition sound
  • Visibility of each call and access to the history of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Flexibility with the possibility of adjusting the simultaneous call capacity of your Standard VOIP without any installation costs
  • Security thanks to protection against eavesdropping and hacking thanks to innovative secure lines
  • High availability thanks to multi-zone redundancy of services
  • Peace of mind with an availability rate of the VOIP telephone service of 99.9%
  • Guarantee of compatibility between your current line and our digital telecom infrastructure
  • Keeping your existing numbers or creating new numbers
  • Access to new digital features: collaboration, nomadism and remote working
  • The comfort of efficient and dedicated technical support
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Dedicated cloud with private network interconnected with your company

Synchronization of your working files,
Document sharing with versioning

Synchronization of your company files
So all your programs, files, documents, photos, e-mail, will be centralized and can be shared between
collaborators even remotely.

digitalisation et telecommunication fleche

A true hybrid solution,
UNIVIRTUAL-CLOUD allows you to interconnect your own
network to your infrastructures hosted in our data centers.
Deploy your cloud via a private, secure and efficient network.
100% of resources, 100% of the time

Contact us to find out more about our expertise and discuss about your needs.


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