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Website creation by DIGITAL FACTORY

Our branch "DIGITAL FACTORY" is thousands of created websites,
our service dedicated exclusively to website design is staffed by a team of recognized
experts in the Web professions, Designer, Developer, Integrator, SEO, E-marketer ...
handpicked teams to provide you with quality services.

No longer hesitate between quality and price ... Thanks to many technological innovations
and the optimization of the workflow, UNIVIRTUAL guarantees you quality websites
at prices 35% lower on average compared to those of our competitors.

And yes it is possible ... The reasons for this success?

Controlled prices, technological innovations that allow us to optimize costs,
effective personalized follow-ups with dedicated employees for each project and thousands
of customers around the world.

creation de site internet
shadow digitalisation

Digital Factory in three main categories

creation de site vitrine



5-15 pages
to present your activities

creation de site vitrine



5-15 general pages + 50 – 100
product sheets

creation de site vitrine



More than 200 pages
+ members area
+ various modules

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Many solutions are possible that will depend
on several parameters:

  • Standard design, simple and efficient, special design made from your own models, High-end
    design entirely customized
  • Site created in several languages
  • A customer area, yes? No? Why ….? How? 'Or' What ….?
  • Payments by credit card? PayPal? American express? Bitcoin?
  • Standard accommodation, Premium accommodation
  • Maintenance by you, Minimal maintenance, High-end maintenance
  • Your budget
  • Your ambitions? the expected results ?
  • ………..
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Each project is unique, our speech will be clear, your project will be in accordance with your desires, not superfluous.
We will speak clearly about the reality of things, your ambitions, feasibility, budgets, for a partnership of trust
in full transparency.

We will offer you the best asset as a professional and not what you want to hear, then…
It's up to you to make your decisions.

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High-end professional solutions with a very good
price-quality ratio

Price overview

A price without a project analysis means nothing. These rates are for information only to give you an idea of the website's type you want.
Each of our clients and their projects are unique. Contact us, we will discuss it.

Showcase site

5-15 pages to present
your activities

From 59 *

Advanced showcase site

15-30 pages to present
your activities

From 99 *

E-commerce site

5-15 general pages
+ 50 - 100 product sheets

From 149 *

E-commerce site +

15-30 general pages
+ unlimited product sheets

From 199 *

Advanced e-commerce site

15-30 general pages
+ unlimited product sheets

From 499 *

Web portal

More than 200 pages
+ member areas
+ various modules

From 599 *

*Monthly rate including:
creation, hosting, referencing, domain name, emails

We can also support you with our
« Small business » branch on your tailor-made professional Marketing plan

Contact us, let's make an appointment to discuss your project,
whatever its size ...

Contact us to find out more about our expertise and discuss about your needs.


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